Winter SPRINT Banska Bystrica 2020 video

This video is from Spartan Winter SPRINT Banska Bystrica SK, Jan 18th, 2020. Enjoy!

SPRINT participants numbers:

  • Registered: 3 199
  • Finished: 3 082
  • DNF: 8
  • DQF: 14
  • DNS: 95
  • MEN: 2 359
  • WOMEN: 840

The SPRINT Course:

  • Date: Jan 18th, 2020
  • Level: SPRINT
  • Weather: sunny
  • Temperature: 0°C
  • Wind: 3 km/h
  • Number of obstacles: 20
  • Distance: 5,9 km
  • Elevation: 203 m

To download the Course Map click on the picture Sprint Winter SPRINT Banska Bystrica 2020 Map

Note: GPS readings will vary drastically based on the speed and route of each racer (typically the slower you move the more “noise” and extra distance will show). Distances above are approximate based on Spartan’s own GPS readings. Final distance does not include loops from some obstacles. Race staff reserve the right to adjust the course and/or cut-off times and locations in the interest of safety and/or the best possible racer experience.